Drew Barrymore: I Get "Uncomfortable" Having the Same Hair

Credit: Michael Kovac/Getty Images

From black-dipped ends to a full on fiery red, Drew Barrymore is one star who is known for testing the waters when it comes to her hair.

And like most stars with ever-changing locks, it's not a matter of trying to make headlines -- it's boredom!

"I like to [have fun with my hair]," the newly engaged star, who turns 37 Feb. 22, told Us Weekly at the Marni for H&M event Friday. "I don't feel comfortable staying the same for very long."

Similar to Hollywood's color chameleon Katy Perry, who went from black to red to purple to pink over the span of less than a year, Barrymore says that her hair changes aren't too well-planned -- it's more a case of, like it, do it!

"I always want to like say 'what if,?' but I'm never patient enough for 'what if,'" she continued to Us. "I either go all the way and it's, 'Oh that didn't work' or 'You know what, maybe I'll do this for a while.'"