Kacey Musgraves: What's In My Bag?

Celebrity Beauty May. 31, 2014 AT 8:35AM
What's in Kacey Musgraves' bag.
Kacey Musgraves opens up her purse for Us Weekly. Credit: Michael Pirrocco

"I freakin' love The Little Mermaid!" confesses Kacey Musgraves, the 25-year-old Grammy winner who dates guitarist Misa Arriaga, 28. "My boyfriend gave me a Flounder figurine that I carry with me wherever I go." Nominated for two prizes at the CMT Music Awards (June 4, 8 P.M.), the country star shows Us Weekly the gadgets and gizmos aplenty in her mint Cambridge Satchel bag. 

Signature Scribbles

"I'm all about handwritten notes! Ideas stick in my brain better if I actually write them down, so I keep a leather notepad with me to jot. I also have little love letters that Misa writes me on notebook paper." 

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Get a Grip

"I carry the Pure Barre Mile High DVD—I can do the workouts everywhere—and a pair of socks with sticky pads on the bottom to help me do ballet moves without my feet slipping." 

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Kacey Musgraves opens up her purse for Us Weekly.
Kacey Musgraves opens up her purse for Us Weekly.
Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Mouthing Off

"I'm addicted to lip balm. Oh, my gosh, the Creme de Rose plumping balm by Dior is so amazing. When I take it out my friends are always like, 'Let me have!'" 

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Movie Magic

"I use Brookstone's Pocket Projector whenever I'm staying in a hotel. It hooks up to my iPhone, and I can literally project a movie on the wall to watch." 

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Almond Joy 

"I get hungry, and it's so hard to find good snacks on the road. I make sure to have Blue Diamond Almonds—and Gummi bears." 

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