Steal Carrie Underwood's Gorgeous Date-Night Hairstyle

Steal Carrie Underwood's Gorgeous Date-Night Hairstyle

Pump up the volume, indeed!

In regards to Country Girl-glamour, singer Miranda Lambert said it best: "The bigger the hair, the closer to God!" Fellow country crooner Carrie Underwood knows the effect that a sky-high coif can have on her fans and has been rocking voluminous 'dos ever since winning American Idol in 2005.

In the video above, celebrity hairstylist Marc Mena shows exactly how to achieve the "Blown Away" singer's gorgeous, yet understated, feminine 'do that she rocked at the 45th Annual CMA Awards in November. Perfect for date night, girls' night and any other glitzy affair, this face-framing style can be done with just a set of velcro rollers, some hairspray, a curling iron and bobby pins.

What you'll need:

- Fine-tooth tail comb for teasing ($2.99,

- Suncii bobby pins ($2.49,

- Velcro rollers ($4.29,

- T3 Twirl 1.5-inch curling iron ($99,

- Garnier Sleek and Shine hairspray ($4.29,