Maria Menounos: What's In My Bag?

Maria Menounos shows Us Weekly what she's packing. Credit: Michael Pirrocco

TV personality Maria Menounos traded her purse for a backpack at the suggestion of her boyfriend, producer Keven Undergaro, 46. "He forced me to get one because I was having neck issues," says the 35-year-old star of Oxygen's Chasing Maria Menounos (Tuesdays, 10 P.M.). "As soon as I put it on, I was like, 'I have been missing out!'" She unzips her Coach knapsack for Us Weekly

Gag Gift 

"I use a WTF license-plate key chain that my driver from the show gave me. I was like, 'You couldn't have gotten a MARIA one?!"

Sole Mates

"A designer friend of mine in Greece has a beautiful line called Marietta's Ancient Greek Sandals. I keep a pair to jump into when I'm tired of my heels." 

Extra Juice

"I'm anal and rarely let my iPhone battery get below 100 percent, but I always have my KMASHI backup booster—just in case."

Anything Goes

"I put everything in my monogrammed C. Wonder pouch. Right now, I have blotting papers, my passport and MAC lip gloss in Boy Bait." 

Bite Me

"I don't leave the house without a Ziploc bag of plain almonds and Rickland Orchards Greek Yogurt bars. They're perfect for when I'm craving dessert but want to stay healthy."