Poll: Men Find Kristin Cavallari Hotter Than Heidi Montag

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Kristin Cavallari vs. Heidi Montag: Who has the better bikini bod?

In an UsMagazine.com and AskMen.com poll, 91 percent of 22,000 readers voted for Cavallari, 23, who bared her natural curves in Las Vegas over the weekend. (Montag, who underwent 10 plastic surgeries in one day last November, showed off her bod publicly for the first time two weeks ago.)

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Us commenter Jeff says, "Heidi looks so unbelievably fake, like a cartoon... Jessica Rabbit or something. Before her surgeries, Heidi probably would have won this poll. She looked better in Playboy a few months back than she does now."

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Some 97 percent of readers prefer "real" bodies rather than surgically enhanced.

Says AskMen.com commenter Chris B, "Real breasts beat out fake any day. They have more appeal and feel much better. Women shouldn't have to change themselves to make some men happier."

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TheOne prefers "fake breasts on every girl" -- but in moderation. "They just look better, but that doesn't mean go overboard and get Fs! The key is to look balanced." Montag, 23, is a size "E" or "F" and cannot undergo any more surgery.

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Not So Much says, "I actually thought Heidi looked good after her first boob job [in 2007], and it's a matter of self confidence, so why not? But her F-cup upgrade is just to outrageous-looking. I can't believe a doctor would perform such an ultimately damaging surgery!"

Greg F. thought Kate Hudson's recent implants "make her more womanly, but Heidi, on the other hand, doesn't even look human." Pointing out that she's said she can't jog because of the pain and can hardly chew a burger, he questions whether "she can even have sex... I think this is the closest I will ever come to feeling sorry for Spencer Pratt."

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