Valerie Bertinelli: I Might "End Up Eloping"

Credit: Robin Platzer/LFI

How are wedding plans going for Valerie Bertinelli (who, at age 50, recently got engaged to businessman Tom Vitale)?

"He's planning it -- I have nothing to do with it!" she told Monday at the premiere of her new TV Land comedy Hot in Cleveland. "I just have to find a dress!"

She said they're still "deciding" if they want a big or small wedding.

Added Bertinelli, "We may end up eloping because we just can't decide on the guest list!"

Bertinelli -- who said she is "quite the opposite" of a bridezilla -- told Us finding love later in life has been "really special."

"We've both been around quite a bit and we both have had marriages that failed, but there are still good parts of those marriages," said Bertinelli, who was previously wed to rocker Eddie Van Halen (with whom she has a son, Wolf, 19). "So we're taking the good parts and hopefully not bringing the bad with us!"