This Mom’s Hilarious Cartoons Nail the Reality of Parenting

Katie Kirby and her sons. Credit: Courtesy of the Kirby Family

Katie Kirby is a mom blogger. But not the kind that posts photos of Pinterest-perfect bento box lunches for kids. Using Microsoft Paint to draw stick figure cartoons, the mother of two boys, ages 3 and 5, depicts the reality of parenting on her site, Hurrah for Gin

The 36-year-old — who lives in Brighton, England, with her media director husband, Jim Kirby — launched Hurrah for Gin in July 2013. In her debut entry, Kirby bemoaned the kind of mothers who brag about natural births and exclusively breastfeeding their babies. Sample line: “Cloth bumming. Yes, it’s great for the environment and saves money. I admire your commitment but personally can’t be arsed. Just please away with the smugness.” 

“I was on the sofa after having a particularly trying day and just thought, ‘I know, I’ll start a blog and talk about all the real and funny sides of having kids,’” Kirby tells Us Weekly. “I couldn’t find much like that online at the time. Everyone’s lives seemed to be so much easier than mine!”

In three years, the Brit has amassed a loyal legion of superfans, but she’s also had to deal with criticism. “Unfortunately, there will always be people who think the sun shines out of their children’s backsides … most people though, can appreciate it’s quite cathartic to have an occasional moan,” Kirby tells Us. “I see my blog as a positive thing. It’s laughing at the challenges rather than letting them get you down.”

Kirby’s book Hurrah for Gin: A Book for Perfectly Imperfect Parents is out in October. She is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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