Denise Richards Turns 41: Why She's a Great Single Mom

Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Denise Richards may be most recognized by her stunning baby blues, but one thing this former supermodel prides herself on is her life as a mother!

As mom to three daughters, Sam, 7, and Lola, 6 (with ex-husband Charlie Sheen) and Eloise Joni (who she adopted in July), 7 months, the star, who turns 41 Friday, knows that she has a long and obstacle-ridden road ahead of her as they grow up.

So when Sam and Lola's dad made headlines about his series of public outbursts last year, Richards decided to educate their daughters about addiction rather than continue to hide it from them.

"I got a book to read to them," Richards explained in a July interview on the Today Show. "I was just lying to them about so much, and covering up things and totally lying. It was just getting too confusing that I had to sit down with them. It's too early [for them to understand], but I told them enough for them to make sense of things that were going on."

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