Autumn Brandon and family. Credit: Courtesy of Autumn Brandon

Slow clap for Michigan mom Autumn Brandon! The self-proclaimed “CEO of the household thermostat” issued a hilarious warning to her three sons on Monday, October 10 — and then shared a photo of it Facebook.  

“Unles [sic] you answer YES to all these … do not turn on the heat,” Brandon, 34, wrote, before listing three questions.

1. Are you wearing a hoodie, pants, socks?

2. Is it November?

3. Do you pay the gas bill?

Her post resonated with people everywhere: In just five days it received more than 28,000 comments. “I think that’s my dad’s note from the ‘80s,” wrote one person while another chimed in, “I’m making this sign for upstairs!” But not everyone found it funny: “If my kids are cold they can turn the heater on. They know how high to put it. I don’t feel like my kids should always have to wear a sweater at home. I guess when it comes to the comfort of my children I’m not cheap.”

Brandon, who is mom of Donovan, 16, Ethan, 13, and Kai, tells Us Weekly that October is the only month where they don’t need to use air conditioning or heat. “We budget for that,” she explains. “Also the issue is my oldest walks around in basketball shorts and a T-shirt and says he’s cold!”

Brandon’s one regret about going viral? Misspelling the word ‘unless.’ “I didn’t know this would be seen by so many eyes!” she tells Us. “Adults spell things wrong sometimes!” 

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