Pregnant Jenna Fischer Is Having a Boy!

Celebrity Moms Jul. 20, 2011 AT 8:36AM
Pregnant Jenna Fischer Is Having a Boy! Credit: Todd Williamson/

Her baby on The Office is a little girl (named CeCe), but in real life, Jenna Fischer's first child is going to be a boy!

The actress, 37, broke the news during a Tuesday chat with Jay Leno for The Tonight Show. "This is the second grandchild [for my parents]," Fischer said, "but first grandson."

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As Leno got excited over her subtle announcement, Fischer added, "This is exclusive, Jay...When I went to my movie premiere the other day a reporter asked me if I knew what I was having, and I said I do, but I'm not sharing that yet because I’m [going to] have Jay be the first to know."

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The star, featured in new film A Little Help, first revealed her pregnancy (it will be the first child for Fischer and husband Lee Kirk) in May. When's their son due?

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"September we're in what they call the home stretch," Fischer said.

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