Rihanna Cradles Newborn Baby in Loving Twitter Pictures

Rihanna cuddles with her newborn niece on June 9. Credit: Courtesy Rihanna

Proud Auntie “What’s My Name?”! Babies and Rihanna don’t always go together, but there’s a new little one in Bad Gal RiRi’s life who has melted her heart. 

Over the weekend on Sunday, June 8, the Barbadian chart topper, 26, posted a series of precious pictures with her newborn relative. 

“My everything,” she captioned one photo cradling the baby girl. 

Clearly the sleeping baby has won over Rihanna as the “Diamonds” singer continued posting snapshots of the little one, whose name was not revealed.

“I can’t get enough, I’m so in love,” RiRi tweeted with another snap. 

Although the Grammy winner has two brothers (Rajad and Rorrey Fenty), two half sisters (Samantha and Kandy Fenty), and one half brother (Jamie Fenty), it’s not clear whose little baby she’s holding. 

Considering Rihanna made an image of the baby’s tiny feet her cover photo on Twitter, chances are there are many more pictures to come.