Taylor Momsen: "I'm Naturally Thin"

Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen - who has alarmed some fans lately with her thin frame - says she doesn't feel pressure to be skinny. "Not at all," she told reporters Saturday at the Diesel xXx Rock & Roll Circus in Brooklyn, New York. "I mean, I'm just kind of naturally thin. My mom's really thin, and I'm tall. Good genes."

The 5' 8" actress, 15, told reporters she doesn't workout. "I just eat healthy. I walk a lot because I live in New York," she said. "So I try to walk a lot instead of taking cabs. "I should probably start working out or something," she added. "I dance, so I guess that's a full workout. I've been dancing since I was three, so I guess that would be it."

As for reports that her co-star Ed Westwick recently locked lips with Drew Barrymore, Momsen is staying mum. "I'll have to ask him," she coyly told reporters. "No, I have to talk to him."