This Dad Attempting to Teach His Toddler Teatime Etiquette Is Comedy Gold

Every Wednesday for past two years, Florida dad La Guardia Cross has been sharing hilarious videos of his outspoken daughter, Amalah, on YouTube. The vlogger’s most recent effort, “How to Do Tea Time With a 2-Year-Old,” is comedy gold. Watch Cross’ entire lesson plan go disastrously wrong in the clip above. 

In the video, posted on January 11, a pigtailed Amalah sits in her highchair facing her father, who holds a pink, doll-size kettle. “The first thing you must understand is how to properly pour the tea from the kettle into the cup,” instructs Cross, to which the toddler responds in her adorable little voice: “Yeah.”

“Fill the cup of your companion to about the halfway point,” continues Cross, 35. “Sit the kettle down. And now you’re ready to have a proper teatime.” Only she’s not! Watch above to see what happens next— and to hear Cross teach Amalah about the importance of the pinky.

Amalah soared to internet stardom when “Interview With a Toddler” went viral in January 2016 with more than 2 million views. “She is a very animated and funny person,” Cross, who has more than 55,000 YouTube subscribers, tells Us Weekly. “That’s why it’s so fun for us to do these videos together. She’ll be right there with me playing along.”

The toddler will be sharing her screen time soon: Cross and his wife, Leah, are expecting baby No. 2. in May!

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