Wife Writes Hilariously Detailed Grocery Shopping List for Husband 

Era Golwalkar is a foodie. Her husband Gaurav, not so much. “We used to have arguments over the vegetables he bought,” she tells Us Weekly. “I live to eat and he eats to live!” The 29-year-old’s solution: before sending her love to the supermarket, she drafts a detailed shopping list complete with bullet points and drawings.

An image of Gaurav’s list went viral after Era, an India-based IT analyst, shared it to Twitter on September 23. The note includes dummy-proof instructions for vegetables including a potato (“medium size, no eyes”) onions (“small size, round shape”) a chili pepper (“dark green, long and straight”) and tomatoes (“some yellow, some red, no holes or cracks”). In a follow-up tweet, Era explained that yellow tomatoes can last for up to four days, while red ones are ready to eat.

Though Era lives in India, she has guidelines for produce that’s popular in the United States. “I lived in America for a few years and I noticed that people purchase eggplant a lot,” she tells Us.

According to Era, the healthiest eggplants are the ones that are shiny with a green stalk. When it comes to cabbage, “it should feel heavy according to size its size,” she explains. “Bounce it on your hand to check.”

Meanwhile, women aren’t the only ones loving Era’s list; As one man tweeted, “This is EXACTLY what I need my wife to give me.”

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