Adele Hilariously Pranks Jamba Juice Employees With Ellen DeGeneres

Adele Hilariously Pranks Jamba Juice Employees With Ellen DeGeneres

And the award for best prankster goes to … Adele! The British songstress showed off her impressive acting chops in a pre-taped segment for The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, February 18, in which she and the talk show host pull a fast one on some unsuspecting Jamba Juice employees.

In the hilarious clip, Adele, 27, meanders toward the popular smoothie chain within a shopping center, with DeGeneres, 58, whispering instructions in her ear the whole time.

Prior to her grand entrance, however, DeGeneres has an actress pose as Adele’s assistant Simone, who tells the employees to treat Adele like a “normal customer.”

Prompted by the talk show host, Adele then proceeds to ask a series of increasingly strange questions.

“I’ll take a Jamba Juice,” she tells a smiling employee, who asks her what size she’d like.

“Do you have an extra large?” the “Hello” singer asks with a straight face. “Or an extra small?”

“No, that’s our biggest one and that’s our smallest one,” he replies, puzzled.

“OK. I’ll have a large, but can I have it in a small cup?” she says. “I’m sorry, I’ve never been here before. In England we don’t have this.”

DeGeneres then instructs Adele to do a few outrageous things, like hacking off some wheatgrass on display and popping it directly into her mouth (“I feel like a deer in a forest!”) and shaking out her purse to reveal knives, Twizzlers and a pair of handcuffs.

She and Simone even take shots together at one point.

Watch the funny clip above to see!