Amanda Bynes Stops Cab to Yell at Photographers Waiting on Justin Bieber

Amanda Bynes uploaded a photo for her fans on Instagram Credit: Instagram

For someone who wants to be left alone by the general public, Amanda Bynes sure knows how to command attention. The “retired” actress, who hasn’t been seen in weeks since she fled Los Angeles for New York in September after a string of bad driving incidents, came out of hiding on Wednesday looking better than she has in a while … but still acting very strangely. Bynes, whose dark hair is now a golden hue and extra long thanks to extensions, accidentally stumbled upon a group of photographers waiting to snap a picture of Justin Bieber while walking down a New York City sidewalk. Once she realized her mistake, she immediately tried to cover her face with her scarf, but it was too late.

Luckily for the “What a Girl Wants” actress, she was able to hail a taxi and extract herself from the situation … yet moments later, she made the cabbie pull over so she could go back and give the photogs a piece of her mind. According to E! Online, Bynes scolded them for acting illegally – even though they were not – and then hopped back in the cab and headed straight to Bergdorf Goodman for a shopping spree.



Although this was the first time she had been seen in public for some time, Bynes has made her presence known on the Internet. On November 23, she reappeared on Twitter – where she had begged President Obama for his help with her DUI earlier this year – to tell her 285,000 followers that her phone “got taken twice but I got it back” and to ask them to follow her on Instagram, where she posted the same self-taken pic of herself wearing a turban and sunglasses three times in a row with different captions. “What up doe?” read the first, followed by “<3 my turban!” and “Bout to get my nails done. What color should I get? I want to long and pointy!” Soon after, Bynes uploaded a dark photo of her skinny thighs and wrote: “losing weight is hard to do! I love jeans with sexy holes.” She certainly has a way with words!

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