Angelina Jolie's "Love Letter" Pendant for Brad: New Details!

Angelina Jolie's "Love Letter" Pendant for Brad: New Details!

Real men aren't afraid to wear bling -- especially Brad Pitt, who's proud to wear a diamond pendant custom-designed by love Angelina Jolie with the help of jeweler Robert Procop.

"She had me laser-engrave a message on the diamond that's impossible to see with the human eye," Procop tells Us Weekly exclusively.

That intimate piece of jewelry isn't the only Jolie-Procop collaboration. Jolie recently launched their line, with all proceeds going to her Education Partnership for Children of Conflict charity.

Get all the details on Jolie's jewelry (including that Pitt pendant!) in this week's Hot Stuff video, hosted by Us Weekly's Senior Editor Ian Drew and special guest, singer (and former NYC Prep star) Kelli.

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