DJ Khaled Got Lost on a Jet Ski at Night and Snapchatted the Whole Experience — Here’s What Happened

DJ Khaled got lost at sea — literally — after stopping by friend Rick Ross’ house on a Jet Ski on Monday, December 14, to say what up. The record producer documented his Jet Ski excursion gone wrong on Snapchat Monday night, when he found himself still on the water in Miami after the sun had set. YouTube user SportsReactions then compiled the series of Snapchat videos for fans to watch the entire story online. 

“It’s dark, and in a minute, there’s going to be no light,” Khaled, 40, can be heard saying in the first video. “It’s pitch-black out here, I put the flash[light] on the phone,” he adds in another video of himself as he attempts to race to back to dry land before the sun sets completely.

“It’s so dark out here, we don’t know where the hell we are at,” he stresses in another shot, ”but the key is to make it. The key is to never give up.” In one of his final videos, he concludes: “The key is not to drive your jet ski in the dark. This is against the law. Not even just that. This ain’t right.”

Thankfully, DJ Khaled somehow made it safely back home. “I made it I’m back thank u to all yall checking in please never try to drive jets skies at night and especially if your lost at sea bless up,” he tweeted to fans after the snafu.

The rapper recovered quickly, however.

On Tuesday he shared a video of himself back on his Jet Ski — this time, in daylight!