Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield Squirm About Sexting, Sharing Rooms During Spider-Man Promotional Tour

Celebrity News Apr. 4, 2014 AT 1:35PM

A little Spidey action? Real-life loves Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield got a bit uncomfortable during their visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show Friday when the comedian asked about their living situation while promoting The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

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"When you're traveling -- I know sometimes there's a budget -- did any of the costars have to share a hotel room or anything like that?" DeGeneres asked the lovebirds, along with costar Jamie Foxx on April 4. "Or do you all stay in separate rooms?"

Garfield and Stone -- who've been dating since early 2011 -- immediately became silent when asked. Foxx, on the other hand, had no problem jumping ship to help out DeGeneres' interrogation.

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"Yeah, what do you guys do?" the actor, 46, asked. "I've been wanting to know this for awhile. I wasn't trying to get in your business [at the time]."

Garfield, 30, couldn't help but blush during the ambush, but Stone's tactic was to just stare down. Later on, the trio all got a bit embarrassed when they played the game "Never Have I Ever" with ping pong boards.

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During the game, Foxx and Garfield admitted to having a one-night stand at one point. To top it off, all three admitted they've used another person's toothbrush and have sexted.

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