Gabrielle Union: "My Weave Got Flagged" by Airport Security

Credit: JB Lacroix/

Gabrielle Union had an "unbeweaveable" travel experience Wednesday.

The 39-year-old actress (currently dating NBA player Dwyane Wade, 30) said her "weave got 'flagged' by the bodyscan at security. TSA required a hair pat-down," she tweeted. "No lie. They could've just asked if it was the temple hair."

"If human hair and thread sets off the body scanner, a lot of folks just ended up on the 'watch list,'" the Good Deeds star added. "It's a weave, not terrorism."

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Union was surprised by the experience because "it was a black female TSA agent" who stopped her. "She could have just asked. It ain't no secret!"

The star was eventually allowed to board the plane, and Union was able to make light of the strange security experience. "Hopefully my weave doesn't cause turbulence," she joked. "It's clearly very powerful."