Hugh Laurie Reads a List of Vulgar Terms Approved by Basic Cable

The Colbert Report
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Hugh Laurie's got a dirty mouth! The 54-year-old House star visited The Colbert Report on Monday, Aug. 5, and helped host Stephen Colbert deliver a very important report.

Colbert, 49, explained that networks ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox have petitioned the FCC for looser indecency rulings to gain "cultural clout" against their cable network competitors.

"I fear that network audiences are simply unprepared for the rich cultural feast we serve up on cable," the host said. He then pulled out a glossary of terms approved for use by Comedy Central's parent company Viacom, explaining, "It is words such as these that the broadcast networks are spending vast amounts of time and money to have the legal right to say on our nation's airwaves."

To help read each and every vulgar term he's allowed to say, Colbert enlisted "Award-winning British person and recovering network star" Laurie. The actor's first naughty word? "Balls."

Find out the entire list in the hilarious video above.