Is This Lindsay Lohan's Worst Week Ever?

Lindsay Lohan Credit: Michael Jaworski/FilmMagic

The hits keep coming for Lindsay Lohan.

It’s been one thing after another this week for the actress between her personal life, career, and legal woes… and it’s only Thursday.

On Monday, the actress posted a photo of her and The Wanted’s Max George hanging out together on her Instagram page, which sent the boy bander’s fans into a jealous tizzy. Although Lohan would love for people to think she and George are actually an item, he insists they’re not.

How adamant is he? “1 million percent,” he tweeted Tuesday. That’s 10,000 times 100%, so the translation is George really wants it clear he’s not dating the train-wreck actress. Despite his denials, Lohan keeps posting things online about how much she loves his native England.

On Wednesday, her longtime lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley officially withdrew as Lohan’s legal counsel, just a week after the actress replaced her with New York-based attorney Michael Heller. Heller not only comes with very poor reviews – he was even suspended from practicing law for five years in the ‘90s – but he’s not even licensed in California! In order to represent Lohan, he got a local socialite, Lindsay Berger Sacks, who has a law degree but has never used it, to “sponsor” him.

Heller, who has also worked for Jon Gosselin and serial killer David Berkowitz, will get his chance to prove himself on January 30 when the 26-year-old actress is due back in court for lying to police about her June 2012 car crash. Lohan has reportedly turned down the prosecution’s plea deal of six months in a “lockdown” rehab center and will instead roll the dice in court. If found guilty, she faces 19 months in jail… and it doesn’t look for good for her since so many witnesses have gone on record to say she was indeed the one behind the wheel, even though she says she was in the passenger seat.

And if all that wasn’t enough, the film Lohan took a serious pay cut (a measly $100-a-day) and filmed a raunchy four-way sex scene with porn stars for (in the hopes it would give her dying career a much-needed boost) has been rejected by Austin’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival ... after it was already given the thumbs-down previously from Sundance. According to The Hollywood Reporter, judges at SXSW deemed “The Canyons” as having “an ugliness and a deadness to it.”

Is it us or could that description be used for a lot of aspects of Lohan’s life right now?

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