Welcome to the real world, Jennifer Aniston! The newlywed gets a hilarious taste of sub-A-list living in her new commercial for Emirates Airlines, when a dream sequence lands her in the middle of a distinctly glamor-free flying experience.

Justin Theroux's wife is seen wearing nothing but a white bathrobe, as she parades the aircraft's aisles, loofah in hand, looking in vain for the showers.

Eventually finding the flight crew, the Friends alum looks relieved. "I'm looking for the shower?" she asks the flight attendants, before being told there are no showers on board, and being offered a hot towel as a consolation.

"I'm going to look pretty silly going to the bar in this!" retorts a confused Aniston. Guess what? No bars on this flight either!

Fortunately for the 46-year-old actress, she soon wakes up in the luxurious surroundings of an Emirates airplane, complete with reclining bed, shower and bar.

And as she sips a martini in her deluxe surroundings, the relieved actress recalls her nightmare to the barman, before asking if the pilot might care to extend the flight for an hour, since she's so comfortable!

Watch the entire video above (for which Aniston was paid a reported $5 million!).

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