Jennifer Lopez Mocks Conan, Leno and Letterman

Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

J Lo to the rescue!

Late-night television found a new savior in Jennifer Lopez, who showed up Monday on TBS' Lopez Tonight as a  "guest host" for George Lopez.

In a nod to the ongoing saga at NBC between Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien, Jennifer Lopez, 40, said in her monologue,

"Welcome to Lopez Tonight, where nobody gets fired, they just get replaced by a bigger star with the same last name..."

The singer, actress and mom didn't pull any punches when discussing NBC's embattled late-night comics. She jokes that a Manhattan bartender has created a specialty cocktail in honor of O'Brien, who has voiced his displeasure with his network:

"It's called The's a Manhattan with sour grapes and a knife in it."

The diva then wondered whether Leno was too old to attract hip, young viewers. "NBC is thinking about changing the NBC peacock to a cougar, since they are trying to attract young people to an old host," she joked.

"Some women don't like the expression 'COUGAR' but it's better than what guys get, right? An older guy who dates a younger girl that's called a 'LETTERMAN'." (Letterman famously admitted to an extramarital affair with a younger staff member in October.)

Applauding her "takeover," George Lopez quips, ""Wasn't she amazing? Orale, Jennifer Lopez!" ("Orale" is a Mexican/Chicano expression meaning "hell yeah" or "right on"). "I guess that's what it feels like to be Conan."

Leno, meanwhile, made nice on his Monday night monologue. "Don't blame Conan," for the mess, he told his audience. "Nice guy, good family guy, great guy. He and I have talked and not a problem since then... This is all business... it didn't work so we might have an answer for you tomorrow. So, we'll see. That's basically where it is."