Justin Timberlake: Pauly D's Hair Is "Performance Art"

Justin Timberlake and Pauly D Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images; Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Celebs say the darndest things!

Take a look back at the outrageous things the stars said in this week's Loose Talk round-up.

1. "I don't like when I see guys do too much hair gel. But I don't mean Pauly D, because that's basically performance art." - Justin Timberlake, on the Jersey Shore star

2. "The dog trainer told me that my dog is insecure. So now every morning I say to her, 'You is smart, you is kind, you is important.'" - Brittany Snow, on stealing a line from The Help to boost her pooch's self-esteem

3. "Dude, you still have a chain wallet. You don't have a chain wallet and a kid at the same time. You're not ready." - Aziz Ansari, on his male friends who are having children

4. "I was to the point where my UPS man would come in for a beer." - Anna Faris, on her addiction to online shopping

5. "I went to the spa a few days ago and got changed in the bathroom. I'm not one of those people who can just walk around nude." - Maria Menounos, on being self-conscious about her body

6. "My feet are homesick." - Jessica Simpson, on being unable to wear heels while pregnant

7. "The producer [Judd Apatow] said, 'It has to be conceivable that she would ever sleep with you.' And he handed me a trainer's card." - Jason Segel, on playing Emily Blunt's love interest in The Five-Year Engagement

8. "I put on around 70 pounds, but if you look at photos…you'd say, 'Wow, she gained 9,000.'" - Mariah Carey, on being pregnant with twins Moroccan and Monroe

9. "Tweeting is like walking into a room filled with thousands of people who are all yelling out random thoughts at you simultaneously." - Julia Louis-Dreyfus, on being confused by Twitter

10. "He doesn't know what's going to hit him in a couple of months!" - Kris Jenner, on how her grandson Mason will go from being an only child to an older brother when Kourtney Kardashian welcomes her second child later this year