Her life with the A-list! Kathy Griffin shared a hilarious story on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, January 6, involving Sean Penn, Selma Blair and Kris Jenner.

The comedienne, 55, shared a candid photo from inside The Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment breakfast from December. It showed the group mingling while Griffin looks on with a rather shocked expression on her face.

"This is why I have to do 70 shows a year, because I have so much new material," she shared. Griffin was seated at the power brunch with Jenner, Blair, Rita Wilson, Meghan Trainor and Lena Dunham, with "looney tunes" Sean Penn nearby.

"Sean Penn's crazy!" Griffin animatedly shared as Kimmel laughed. "He's an amazing actor, but he's crazy. You're just afraid of him, and I'm not. Look at his hair. Look at his hair!" In the photo, Penn — with his hair parted down the center — converses with Tom Hanks' wife Wilson.

"He's got two Academy Awards," Griffin continued. "He's got all the money in the world. And so, I go up to Sean and he's about to give an award to Melinda Gates." At that moment, Penn, 55, turned around, saw Griffin and said "oh, geez."

"I go, 'Penn! What's wrong with your hair?'" Griffin revealed of their conversation. "It doesn't have a shape. It looks like . . . you look like a homeless person. Fix your hair."

A suddenly self-conscious Penn touched his tresses and panicked. "He goes, 'What should I do?!'" recalled Griffin, who advised him to pick up some gel. "I go, 'Penn! Barbra Streisand's over there, Robert Redford is there. Get it together!'"

The story gets even juicier. "The best part is Kris Jenner dared me to bring Penn to our table," she shared. "And he goes, 'I don't want to!' But I took him over there and I went, 'Ladies! A disheveled Sean Penn!'"

While Griffin was a self-proclaimed "huge hit" at her star-studded table, Penn went on stage moments later to present Melinda Gates with an award. In the opening moments of his speech, he remarked: "I walk in and the first face I saw was Kathy Griffin saying I might have considered hair gel."

Watch the hilarious video above!

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