Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids What They Understand About Same-Sex Marriage: See Their Adorable Responses!

While most of the world (and a barrage of celebrities) spent the weekend celebrating SCOTUS' decision to legalize gay marriage, some critics expressed concern that the notion of same-sex unions was too much for children to understand.

As a father of three, Jimmy Kimmel decided this was an important question to answer, and figured there was only one way to find out whether the concern was valid — by asking the kids themselves!

So he sent his Jimmy Kimmel Live! cameras out onto the streets of New York City to find out exactly what children understood when they heard the term “gay marriage.”

"It's when two men and two women get married," one little girl replied confidently, when asked the question by Kimmel's reporter.

"So it's when four people get married?" the man behind the camera continued.

"No!" she said, making it quite clear who the one struggling to understand the concept was!

"When should two people get married?" the reporter asked another child.

"In the afternoon," he replied, very seriously!

Check out all the responses (some are totally brilliant!) in the video above!

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