Kim Kardashian Got a Puppy for Xmas That Died 2 Weeks Later

Credit: D Dipasupil/FilmMagic

Sad Christmas memories for Kim Kardashian!

The reality star, 30, tells JustJared about her best, yet most heartbreaking, holiday present ever: a puppy she got "when I was really little."

"Valentina was its name, but then she died two weeks later," Kardashian says, explaining that the puppy died of "snail poisoning."

Snail poisoning?!

"You know when snails leave a little trail? [Valentina] got super excited and ate it and died," she says.

But Kim was "super excited and emotional" when she met Valentina for the first time -- unlike her big sister Kourtney, now 31.

"Kourtney would come down [Christmas morning] and wouldn't care, and she didn't really care that it was Christmas, while I was like, 'Oh my God! I got a puppy!' We were so different!"

"Kourtney never just cared" about the holiday, she added. "But I love Christmas, it's our family's favorite holiday."