Kristin Cavallari Gets Frantic Texts About Kids from Husband Jay Cutler: Read the Funny Messages

While away, Kristin Cavallari received hilarious texts from her husband Jay Cutler pertaining to their sons Camden, 2, and Jaxon, 8 months -- read the funny messages! Credit: Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Michigan Avenue Magazine

What terrors! While away this week, Kristin Cavallari received frantic, hilarious texts from her husband Jay Cutler about their sons Camden, 2, and Jaxon, 8 months. On Saturday, Jan. 24, she couldn't help but share the messages with the rest of the world via Instagram.

At the airport, the Laguna Beach alum, 28, texted her NFL hubby to say that "the eagle has landed." But instead of sweet "I miss you" texts, Cutler immediately replied back in a panic.

"Need u home asap. All hell has broken loose," Cutler, 31, wrote. "Jax is in his crib. Cam refuses to eat. I'm about to leave."

Her reaction? "What the f--k."

The conversation took place days ago, but Cavallari can't stop laughing about it. "Contrary to what many people think, we don't have a thousand nannies. So with that being said, when I got home from LA 2 days ago this is what I landed to," she captioned the screenshot. "Pretty hilarious. Ladies, u want your man to appreciate u? Leave them alone with the kids to see what we deal with!"

Indeed, and the chaos continued once she got home. On Saturday, she also posted a sweet pic of Jaxon (that daredevil!) on the move. "This kid is 8 months old and he's already climbing stairs," she wrote. "This is the phase of mini heart attacks everyday."