Lawsuit: Mariah Carey Owes Vet $30K for 1 Month of Doggy Care

Credit: James Devaney/

Mimi's in the doghouse!

A prominent NYC veterinarian has sued Mariah Carey for $30,000 in unpaid bills, the Associated Press reports.

Cindy Bressler says she provided "extraordinary services" for Carey's three Jack Russell terriers Cha-Cha, Dolomite and JJ. Over the course of about a month, Carey ran up a bill of about $37,800, and has paid only $8200.

Bressler's lawyer didn't elaborate on the types of treatments enjoyed by the three pampered pets, but the vet's website notes that she makes house calls in the NYC area, with clients that include "prominent New Yorkers and celebrity clients."

Carey's rep could not be reached for comment.

Perhaps the doc has been performing obstetrician services for one of the famous pets? Back in May, Carey's husband Nick Cannon announced that "puppy Cha Cha is pregnant again!" A few weeks later, Carey announced via Twitter: ""ChaCha just had her baby! Its a giiirl!!! Anybody want a beautiful Jack russell puppy?! Jk: ) lol."