Lindsey Vonn Plays With Squirrel, Pranks Tiger Woods

Watch Lindsey Vonn prank boyfriend Tiger Woods by placing a squirrel on his shoulder at The Presidents Cup in Dublin, Ohio on Oct. 3.

Good sport! Lindsey Vonn pulled a prank on Tiger Woods, her boyfriend of seven months, during The Presidents Cup in Dublin, Ohio on Thursday, Oct. 3. The 28-year-old Olympic skier placed a live squirrel on Woods' back as he stood beside her golf cart watching the four-ball matches.

Vonn borrowed the tiny critter from superstitious player David Love III, who was carrying the animal -- named "Sammy" -- around for good luck, according to Yahoo! Sports. The four-time World Cup champion was caught on camera taking the squirrel and placing it on Woods' back when he wasn't looking.

Vonn broke into a huge a grin as the animal crawled up her boyfriend's neck. The 37-year-old golf pro, however, looked a tad irked, grabbed her hand and brushed the squirrel away.

But Woods was ultimately a good sport about the prank. He was later seen laughing and smiling with the little guy sitting on his shoulder as Vonn petted it.

On Thursday, Love posted a photo of the squirrel being returned to a forest. "Sammy back up tree," he tweeted.

Watch the prank now!