Madonna, Jimmy Fallon Sing "Holiday" With Classroom Instruments: Watch the Video!

There's nothing like Madonna's "Holiday" to put you in the mood for some sun!

A sunglasses-clad Queen of Pop and an equally vacation-style Jimmy Fallon teamed up for an acapella sing-along on Thursday, April 9, joining his house band The Roots for a classic edition of his famous Classroom Instruments bit.

The 56-year-old singer grabbed her cowbell while Fallon took a wood block and the duo proceeded to perform a perfect rendition of the hit Madonna song on The Tonight Show, accompanied only by a xylophone, a banana shaker, and a few other classroom favorites.

Fallon joined his band The Roots in donning a bright and colorful Hawaiian shirt, while Madge remained characteristically cool in an all-black outfit accessorized with gold chains (and a gold whistle, which she happily blew along with the tune).

Despite the performance being an all-seated affair, the "Material Girl" couldn't resist a bit of a boogie, and midway through the performance pushed her cowbell aside to do some seated-dancing with her arms.

Watch the whole amazing show on the video above — it'll put you in a good mood all day!