Mike Huckabee Compares Beyonce to a Stripper, Jon Stewart Calls It "Truly Outrageous"

Bow Down, Mike Huckabee! Fox News personality, former Arkansas governor, and Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee made an appearance on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart on Monday, Jan. 19, where he, once again, brought up the topic of Beyonce

“Beyonce is such a mega talent, she can do anything,” Huckabee, 59, started. “She’s got the pipes to sing, she’s got the moves to dance. She doesn’t have to be vulgar in order to set a trend. Young girls want to be like her.”

He then took it a step further, comparing Jay Z’s wife, 33, to a stripper.

“Do you know any parent who has a daughter who says, ‘Honey if you make really good grades, some day when you’re 12 or 13, we’ll get you your own stripper pole?’ Come on Jon, we don’t do that in our culture!”

The opinionated host, who earlier in the broadcast told Huckabee he’d made a grave mistake leaving his position at Fox News to run for president in 2016, then defended the Grammy winner. 

“I think that’s diminishing Beyonce in a way that’s truly outrageous,” Stewart, 52, said. 

Watch the clip to see how the argument played out!