Paris: Fashionably Prepared for Jail

Looking through Paris Hilton's past wardrobe, we can't help but wonder if she's always known this day would come! Now that the 26-year-old heiress has been sentenced to jail time for her probation violation, she should take comfort in the fact that she's more than prepared, what with her penchant for prison stripes.

At left, has compiled some of Paris' best jailhouse-ready duds: A casual night out in the ward cafeteria? Try a belted over-sized look for comfort after you've filled up on government cheese. Reading a letter from your pen-pal on the outside in the comfort of your cell? Play it cool with relaxed wide stripes and a "who cares about my hair" cap. Looking to prove yourself to a gang of blockmates? What hardened criminals wouldn't appreciate the stylishly incognito prisoner under that fedora? And, finally, if it's a day of medicine ball fun in the yard, a wifebeater and a ponytail can't be beat.

It just goes to show you: even alcohol-related reckless heiresses know that every life event requires a matching outfit.