Stars Tell Us: What Are You Doing for NYE?

Credit: Gary Gershoff/; Kevin Mazur/; Neilson Barnard/Getty

How are the stars ringing in 2011? They tell!

Tyson Beckford: "Last year I was on the beach, and it was a good thing. So I'm probably going to go to an island and get on the beach again."

Kelly Rutherford: "I'm pretty quiet on New Years. I usually stay home and light a candle and take a bath. Do more of a spiritual New Years."

Donald Glover: "I'm going to New York and I'm gonna try and find a party."

Kim Kardashian: "Tao is crazy on New Year's. I'm excited to go with all my girlfriends and we're just going to have a really crazy wild New Year's."

Howie Mandel: "I'm just going to travel with my family. I think we're going to go to Costa Rica."

Juliette Lewis: "I usually go to my friends. He has a great rager, you know there's parties and then there's a rager. So I usually wait for that invite or I'll just do a small house party get together where we burn this Chinese paper and have some wine."

Travie McCoy:"Getting wasted!"

Snooki: "I probably won’t remember the rest of the night like everybody else on New Years!"

Jamie King: "I’m usually stuck in traffic somewhere that I’m trying to be. That’s what New Year’s is usually like."

Sarah Silverman: "I'll probably be sleeping somewhere or watching Law & Order."

Penn Badgley: "I'll be in Miami with some close friends. People are coming in from LA and England and New York. It's going to be a rather large group of us and should be a lot of fun."

Amy Ryan: "I'll probably be in bed by 9. I don't think you can get a baby sitter that night, and even if you can it's going to cost quite the penny."

Josh Groban: "I have no plans. Everytime I try and plan something really schmancy, I have the worst time ever. So i think I'm just going to load up on friends and find a nice place where we can all congregate and get silly."

Matt Lanter: "I'll actually be in Ohio chilling with my family and my girlfriend. I'll be digging myself out of the snow, I think."

Kyle Massey: "I'll be in the Bahamas this year. In the Atlantis, partying it up!"

Jennifer Grey: "I think I'll be in Deer Valley with some friends. Not skiing, though. While everyone else is out skiing. I'll be reading a book on the couch."

Mario Cantone: "I'm going to be up in Grangeville with my friends and with my partner. Just the four of us, chilling with some champagne, caviar and noodles with white truffles."

Kelly Richards: "My family is going to Aspen with my close friends. There will be about 25 of us, and we're either going to stay there or go over to Vegas."