Tori Spelling is reflecting back on a time she too cheated on her significant other. In a new True Tori clip, the 40-year-old mom sits down with a friend and reminisces when she first met her now unfaithful husband, Dean McDermott, when they both were still married. 

When confronted by friends that she kept them in the dark, the mother of four admitted: "Because this whole affair has been made so public I guess I assume that everyone is just like, 'Okay we know what's going on?' So when I hear my friends saying, 'You're not dealing with stuff,' it's just shocking to hear that and it put it all into perspective."

"You made the same mistake in your first marriage," her friend tells her on the Lifetime show. Spelling replies: "We were both married when we met and [the day we met] we fell in love."

Spelling first married playwright Charlie Shanian in a lavish $1 million ceremony in 2004. She later filed for divorce in October 2005 after her affair with McDermott. The Beverly Hills, 90210 star then married McDermott, 40, in 2006. (The couple are parents to Liam, 7, Stella, 5, Hattie, 2, and Finn, 20 months.) 

Us broke news of McDermott's affair with a woman named Emily Goodhand back in late December 2013. In an exclusive interview with Us, Spelling revealed: "He cheated on me. One of my worst fears came true. On some level I never thought it would really happen."

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