Woman’s Heartbreaking Late-Term Abortion Story in Response to Donald Trump’s Presidential Debate Answer Goes Viral

Woman’s Heartbreaking Late-Term Abortion Story in Response to Donald Trump’s Presidential Debate Answer Goes Viral

During the third and final presidential debate on Wednesday, October 19, Republican candidate Donald Trump made a shocking claim about late-term abortions. “In the ninth month, you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb,” the 70-year-old businessman asserted as Utah mom Alyson Draper watched on in horror. Then she sat down at her computer. (Hear what Trump said about late-term abortions in the clip above.)

“I had a late-term abortion. It is nothing like described by Trump,” the mother of six began on Wednesday, October 19, in a Facebook post that has since gone viral. “Please don’t base your vote on the fearmongering he is doing.”

“I had to have a late-term abortion. It was the worst moment in my life,” the corporate attorney wrote. “What made it even worse was the State of Utah had made it illegal. I had one dead twin. The other had severe Spina Bifida and would only have lived with life support, in great pain, for a few days.” 

According to the CDC, 91 percent of abortions occur during the first 13 weeks of pregnancy. Late-term abortions, which occur after a woman is 20 weeks along, make up just 1.3 percent of all abortions. Roe v. Wade stipulates that abortions are legal up until the 24th week of pregnancy, meaning that late-term abortions, which are usually carried out for medical reasons, very rare.

The 53-year-old Mormon received the devastating news when she was around 22 weeks pregnant. “We wanted to do anything we could to save this baby, but the doctors told us there was no hope, and carrying it to term was a hazard to my own health,” she told BuzzFeed.

So Draper and her husband made the painful decision to terminate the pregnancy. “I lay on the hospital floor, bawling hysterically for 12 hours, waiting for an ethics committee of the health care corporation to decide [if] my case justified what had to be done,” she wrote in the lengthy Facebook post. 

Though Draper described the abortion as “terrible,” she explained that “it was done very gently, by Caesarean section, leaving the babies in their amniotic sacs. The living baby passed very quickly.”

“No one woman should have to have the state have a say in the most painful decision she will ever make,” Draper continued. “Please don’t vote for a candidate or a party that would make these decisions for the women who will die or be forced to carry unviable fetuses … Only the parents of the baby and a physician should be involved in the decision.”

Her post received more than 115,000 shares and more than 13,000 comments.

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