Blake Lively: "I Dress Just Like Serena!"

Celebrity Style Nov. 2, 2009 AT 4:37PM
Blake Lively: "I Dress Just Like Serena!" Credit:

For Blake Lively, life definitely imitates art -- or at least fashion.

"I dress just like Serena!" the Gossip Girl star tells the November issue of Nylon magazine of her character, Upper East Side socialite Serena van der Woodson, on the hit CW show. 

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"I own half her wardrobe, so it's far too similar to the way I dress," the star, 22, adds.

Still, the actress -- who is also dating her character's former boyfriend, actor Penn Badgley -- admits that aside from their similar fashion sense and taste in men, they have very little in common.

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"I feel ridiculous at times with her -- because I'm, you know, killing someone or marrying someone [on Gossip Girl], but I look like me," she says. "I'm like, 'Oh, this is absurd.'"

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Also absurd? Her recent role in the upcoming film, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.

"I had a leash around my neck, and Julianne Moore was taking pictures," she recalls. "I thought, 'What am I doing with my life? What is happening? How is this a good idea?"

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