Critics Slam Paris Hilton's "Cheap, Disgusting" Look

Critics Slam Paris Hilton's "Cheap, Disgusting" Look

That's not-so-hot.

Newly split from beau Doug Reinhardt, Paris Hilton didn't get much love for the silky floral-and-feathers top she wore in Beverly Hills recently.'s Fashion Police took its cameras to midtown Manhattan for on-the-street reactions to Hilton's peacock-y number.

"She looks like she works at a sushi restaurant," one instant critic snapped. Others complained the look was "cheap," "disgusting" and "cheesy."

Hilton wasn't the only celeb singled out by the Fashion Police. Country music legend Dolly Parton stepped out in an outfit fans called "dreadful" and like a "Christmas ornament."

Agree with the slams? Watch the video now (above!)