Florence Welch Wears Retro Bikini, Red Swimming Cap

Credit: AKM Images Inc

Florence Welch rarely strays from her love of vintage clothes -- even when she's frolicking on the beaches of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

The 25-year-old Florence and the Machine frontwoman donned a '50s-inspired black bikini and a red swimming cap while vacationing in the South American country Tuesday. The "What the Water Gave Me" singer, who split with literary editor Stuart Hammond in 2011, was also photographed kissing a new mystery man on the beach.

Despite her modest swimwear, Welch -- who counts Gossip Girl star Blake Lively as a BFF -- isn't ashamed of her svelte figure.

"I was a really chubby kid! Really awkward until the age of 16, then I just got tall and leveled out," she told The Daily Mail in 2009. "I was even skinnier than I am now when I was 17."

"I have a tendency to lose weight -- everyone in my family has it, my dad's really skinny," Welch explained. "We get too distracted and forget about eating. People are always encouraging me to eat more."