Hot Style Must-Have: Summer Fedoras

Credit: MAXA/Landov

Attention KMart shoppers! Fedoras have Hollywood covered and you can have yours for just $6.99!

Across the board, the Panama or Fedora hat is the style hit of the summer. Straw and stylish with a black or blue grosgrain bow around the crown, KMart's version of the affordable style worn by everyone from Rihanna to Charlize Theron is the hat you want.

Stylist Rob Zangardi who with partner Mariel Haan puts Rihanna in everything from fedoras by Lanvin to flipflops, offers tips on how to wear the hot headgear.

"Make sure to find a hat that fits your head, a hat too big or too small can look silly," Zangardi says. "Tilt the hat forward a bit just above your eyebrow and cock it a little to the side for more attitude. Wear the hat to the back of your head for more of an fashionable '80s look. There are so many ways to personalize your fedora, from traditional feathers and hat pins to studs, spikes and broaches on the bandeau."

Great style as well as something to shield you from those rays!

Buy it here.

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