How Celebs Are Spending Christmas

Credit: Kevin Mazur/; Jemal Countess/; D Dipasupil/FilmMagic

What will your favorite celebrities be doing on the 25th? Read on and find out!

Angelina Jolie: "We're going to travel with the kids and go to a random part of the world...We're going to travel and have an adventure, because that's what we love to do."

Kim Kardashian: "We do a Christmas Eve party that my family does every year since I was born. And every Christmas morning we have to be at my mom's [Kris Jenner's] at 6 a.m., and then this year will be a little different, because the whole family will probably go to the Laker game [to see Khloe's husband Lamar Odom]."

Reese Witherspoon: "There is a lot of eating that goes on . . my whole family is with me. And we all hang out and just tear through all the presents and eat a bunch of Southern fried food and just have a good time."

The Simpson Family, according to dad Joe: "We're all be here in L.A., and it's all about making a big Christmas for Bronx [Wentz, 2]. Having a baby around at Christmas who can really enjoy it and get excited, that just magical and wonderful! The whole family will be together."

Nick Cannon: "We'll be laying low. [But] we always do it big. Mariah [Carey] is Ms. Christmas. They have officially given her that name. It's been Christmas in my house since the summer because of Mariah's Christmas album!"

Gavin Rossdale (Gwen Stefani's husband): "Right now, Kingston [his 4-year-old lson] is obsessed with all the Christmas lights everywhere. I'm going to to do the [Santa] footprints and the half eaten things and the obscene amount of presents that apparently [Santa] is bringing...If you are lucky enough to have a family, it’s a great time. So we’ll just be lazing around and drinking and eating and being around the people we care about."

Lauren Conrad: "I'm going to spend the holidays with my family."

Emily Blunt: "I'm going to Boston for Christmas to be with John [Krasinski's] family, and in the New Year, we're going to see some friends."

Robert De Niro: "Vacation and celebrate!"

Jersey Shore's Pauly D: "I'm going to have dinner with my family -- a big Italian dinner."

Michael Buble: "I've got everyone getting together. My fiancee, her mother, father, two of my best friends, my other sister with her kid, coming to my house in Vancouver--and more people too! The list goes on and on. It's nice and the weather's suiting for Christmas."

Anna Faris: 'My husband [Chris Pratt] and I are going up to Seattle. Both of our families are from there. I think we're going to do a little skiing. We are also going to try and make it a little bit romantic within all the family stuff. I think that's important. You have to split it up a little bit! We stay in my childhood bedroom at my parents’ house. So it isn't always the most romantic place!"