Kim Kardashian: I Don't Want a "Cuddly" Valentine's Date

Kim Kardashian: I Don't Want a "Cuddly" Valentine's Date

Note to Kris Humphries: Kim Kardashian isn't interested in roses for Valentine's Day.

In an ad for her eponymous fragrance, the lingerie-clad reality star, 30, hints that she's looking to mark February 14 with a steamy night.

"I mean, cuddling is nice and all, and that glamorous night on the town is romantic for sure, but sometimes a girl just wants to have a bit more fun," purrs the Kourtney and Kim Take New York star in the clip (above). "I mean, you can't be little miss prim and proper every night of the year."

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The star goes on to stress that she's not looking for a PG-rated V-Day.

"I mean, this is Valentine's Day," she says. "I want it to be extra, extra special. If you're looking for little miss goody two shoes, she's next door cuddling and spooning."