PIC: Paris Hilton Dresses as Marilyn Monroe

Credit: Jonathan Leibson/FilmMagic

Paris Hilton is dedicating her latest 10th fragrance Tease to her icon Marilyn Monroe -- and at the launch party Tuesday at MyStudio in L.A., she paid homage to the blonde bombshell by dressing as her.

"I just thought Tease was a really fun, flirty name," Hilton, 29, told Entertainment Tonight. "I think for fragrances you always have to have something that's really catchy and something that girls think is really cute. I thought that Marilyn was such a tease. She was so confident and flirty and just one of the sexiest women alive." Paris chats about her new man!

Hollywood can't get enough Marilyn Monroe at the moment: Naomi Watts will play the icon in an upcoming biopic based on author Joyce Carol Oates' fictionalized 2000 memoir, Blonde. Actress Michelle Williams also is in talks to play Monroe in the 2011 drama My Week with Marilyn.

Tell Us: Does Paris make a good Marilyn?