PIC: See Brandy's New Elephant Tattoo!

Credit: twitter.com

Brandy's got some fresh ink!

Calling tattoo artist Peter Koskela "incredible," the 31-year-old singer and Dancing With the Stars vet documented her experience on Twitter Monday.

"Getting a tat! OUCH!" she tweeted before posting a series of photos. "What do you babies think?"

Brandy claimed she got an image of the Hindu deity Ganesh tattooed on her left wrist because it symbolizes the "remover of all obstacles."

According to the singer, fellow R&B diva Monica inspired her to get the mystical body art.

"You know you were the one that got me into tats and Louis Vuitton!" Brandy tweeted.

Monica's response? "You know I have both wrists done, so I feel your pain."