Recessionista: Ball and Chain

Make a statement with this lovely inexpensive chain and beaded necklace just like what your fave A-listers have been draped in.

When you're looking for something perfect to complete that Suzi Quatro look -- that leather- and denim-clad, singing heroine from the 1970's-1980's -- this necklace may be the key! Everyone and their mother are pushing Biker chic denim and boots with silver skulls like mad this summer and Fall. This chain necklace will fit right with that trend and retails for just $34.99! Oh, yeah!

You can layer the necklace with other chains and clear crystal baubles, or mix it up with other textures and style it over a denim vest to luxe up the look. Stepping away from the Hell on Wheels look. Wear it with a solid summer dress or that great maxi dress you have in your closet.

Purchase info: Buy it here.