Recessionista: Born to Be Wild

I found this fleece motorcycle jacket at H&M Kids last week. I can't tell you how often I get stopped on the street by parents who want to know where I buy my kids' clothes. This motorcycle jacket makes other parents go completely bananas when they see it. I guess it's just because the size in that style of jacket brings a smile.

I dress my twin boys slightly edgy and really work hard to not get the same old outfits that everyone else gets. H&M Kids was a great discovery for me because I love the prices and I also love that they make me insane by not having massive amounts of clothes in stock. So, once you see an item you like, you better get it, because no matter what the salespeople say, that's it. It's not coming back.

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In addition to this first Fall delivery -- yes, I'm moving into Fall with myself and the boys now -- you can buy some really cool grey skinny jeans and red suspenders at H&M to complete that full English Beat look for your babes. Too cute!

For more information: Visit H&M's Web site.