Recessionista: In Living Color

Wow! Leave it to Uniqlo to deliver a cute little parka/raincoat in a bevy of colors at a price that's just right, $39.50.

I love how basic and simple this coat is to mix with all of these wacky accessories I am loading up on. I also feel like this year I have lived through more rain showers this spring and summer than I can remember. When the sky gets awful and grey, it's nice to mix in taxicab yellow, fuchsia, purple and cherry red colors to brighten the day!

Uniqlo's coat also comes in a very chic neutral beige if you like the style and want to bypass the color all together! So many nice choices! (Also: iconic designer Jil Sander will debut her line for Uniqlo very shortly...keep your eyes open and your computer's sure to be a sellout!)

Purchase information: Buy it here.