Recessionista: Getting the Boot

This boot is foxy. I like it a lot because it’s got a nice heel and it's a departure from the flat boots we’ve been blogging about.

While most boots like this have been retailing for way over $900, I think I can safely recommend this without getting crazy responses thrown our way about this price. Side-zipped with lots of leather and sized from a 5 to 11, this boot fits all fashionistas. I mean, I have lots of friends who have been complaining that there aren’t enough cute shoes in their tiny size 5, and others who are well over a 9.

This can work with almost any wardrobe piece this Fall. I also see it moving forward into pre-spring and beyond. Mix it with denim or printed dresses, but just don’t go Pretty Woman on me -- leave that other look to Hollywood Boulevard and the 1990’s.

Purchase information: Buy it here.