See Molly Sims With Freakishly Long Eyelashes!

Want longer, fuller lashes?

Molly Sims gets them much longer than she bargained for in a new Funny or Die spoof.

The former Las Vegas star -- along with actresses Andrea Savage and Rachael Harris -- spoofs the Latisse eyelash commercial -- in which Brooke Shields is the spokeswoman -- that promotes the $120-a-month drug as the only FDA-approved one on the market.

In the parody for lash-growing "Lashisse," Sims debuts foot-long, black eyelashes.

"I used it for the full 16 weeks... Week 14, they started to get a little long, but I kept applying," she says, attempting to bat her eyes. "I probably could have stopped at eight weeks."

Allison Janney provided the voice-over, stating, "If you want to be able to use your eyes for seeing, looking or registering objects in front of you, Lashisse may not be for you."